Who We Are?

  • TeBAS has been established in 1993 with a clear target to building and deliver best of breed and smart tourism software solutions.
    Managers at TeBAS come with many years of successful experience in quality software industry that shaped the delivered solutions that TeBAS created.
    Notwithstanding, the vast and deep experiences that all TeBAS team enjoy, TeBAS has geared its skills to focus in building smart solution for travel agency industry.
  • TeBAS is always monitoring the travel industry requirements and mandates in order to enable its clients to always be empowered and better manage the resources and the operations within the agency.
  • TeBAS smart solutions bring operational excellence to its clients with the quality and deep analysis reports and operation controls within TeBAS suit.
    Having mentioned that, TeBAS is always enabling its smart solutions with latest market demands, trends as per the industry changes and growth.
    TeBAS is very keen to maintain its market position as #1 smart tourism solution provider and has developed a strategic list of new solutions and projects to be introduced to their clients.
    TeBAS smart solutions become a live assets within every travel agency and growing as their businesses.
  • TeBAS has successfully gain respect of all working GDS in the countries due to its flexibility, features and quality.
    Consequentially and after few years of building trust, TeBAS went in a strategic alliance with amaDEUS to be the preferable solution provider for their travel agency.
    Nowadays, TeBAS solutions has been deployed and implemented over the last 26 years at more than 120 large and medium travel agents and still counting up.
  TeBAS Structure