•   Integrated Mid Office Solution

               Online Non-Stop Connected Enterprise

    A powerful application for travel agents, servicing platform for admin and managing the business processes, IMOS ONCE manage all suppliers (Airline co., Hotels, etc).
    IMOS ONCE include extensive reporting system for all analytical & MIS.

  1. A comprehensive sales and Mid Office for centralized fulfilment and processing of bookings from multiple sources.
  2. Intuitive virtual booking file.
  3. Manage buy and sell rules.
  4. CRM for both Agents & Direct Customers.
  5. Direct connect to various suppliers (flights, hotels, sightseeing, transfers, payment gateways, etc.).
  6. End-to-end automation from Buying to Selling & Reconciliation.
  7. Extensive Reporting System for all Analytical & MISExtensive Reporting System for all Analytical & MIS.
  8. Exchange rate management.